• Night Event passes are required to camp/attend any night events and to stay past 8pm on any of the two days.
  • Anyone Camping MUST be 21+ and over and we will be checking ID’s for any Night Event passes. All Night Event Passes include a camping pass. It is not required for you to camp.
  • Camping spots are first come first serve. You can setup your camping spot early if you have a Night Event pass.
  • RV parking and camping trailer spaces are limited, to ensure you reserve a spot you will need to purchase your tickets online and put a note that you are wanting one of the RV spaces. We will update this page when those spaces are all reserved.
  • No CAMPFIRES OR FIREWORKS OF ANY SORT IS ALLOWED. Please bring portable light, there will be some lighting in the camping sections but you will not be allowed Fires of any sort.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items at your campsite.
  • Check out time for Campers on Monday Morning June 18th at 10am.  Anything left in camping spots after 11am will be thrown away.
  • Please be responsible and pack out anything you pack in including your garbage.
  • Illegal activities at your campsite are not allowed.
  • No Outside Liquor is allowed.
  • Night Event Ticket holders will be able to start setting up camping anytime during the day event if they have a day pass.
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